Heikin Ashi Mountain Update 13 Sept

Heikin Ashi Mountain Update 13 Sept: Stops tighten in on our open positions this morning, and – following the rules laid out in the manual – we have two new opportunities signalled …

Gold – buy
USDCAD – sell​​​

A reminder that you should be doing your own analysis and identification of trades according to the rules laid out in the manual, and that these emails are not to be relied on – but are designed so that you can check your understanding of the strategy as laid out in the Heikin Ashi Mountain manual.

Here’s how my account looks:

heikin ashi mountain update 13 sept




Please note:
• I am opening two trades for each signal according to the Combined Profits method, one for each profit target. My staking is based on a 2% risk of a £20k trading pot, so I’m risking £200 per trade – £400 across both trades.