Heikin Ashi Mountain Update 5 Apr

A quick note about the next few weeks.

You may or may not already know that I have three boys, two dogs and one fantastic wife.

The latter of which pointed out that this year is the last year for some considerable time that we will not have a child doing exams.

From 6th April I’m going to be away on holiday for 3 weeks, which means that trading Heikin Ashi Mountain will be tricky, due to time differences and possibly limited internet.

I will however continue to check our markets each day and where internet access allows I will update you on trades as they crop up. I don’t expect to be able to provide screenshots of my live account as 7am in the UK will equate midnight local time and therefore won’t be placing trades.

Please bear with me over the next few weeks … when I’m back from my holidays, I’ll be releasing the second wave of Heikin Ashi upgrades – and I’m very excited about the effect this will have on our results.

Now, to current trading conditions …

A jump on EURJPY saw this trade closed out yesterday as the stop was hit. This morning, stops tighten in on our open profits, although it would have been nice to see some of those gains on Germany locked in ahead of the weekend.

We have one new opportunity signalled this morning:

AUDUSD – buy

A reminder that you should be doing your own analysis and identification of trades according to the rules laid out in the manual, and that these emails are not to be relied on – but are designed so that you can check your understanding of the strategy as laid out in the Heikin Ashi Mountain manual and the January 2019 addendum.

Here’s how my account looks:

heikin ashi mountain update 5 apr



Please note: 

  • I am now trading with an additional filter introduced Jan 2019.
  • I am opening two trades for each signal according to the Combined Profits method, one for each profit target. My staking is based on a 2% risk of a £20k trading pot, so I’m risking £200 per trade – £400 across both trades.